Employers aren't on holiday, so don't miss out on your dream job!

By: Darren Wrigley

So the holiday season is well underway – are you tempted to take your foot off the pedal, sit back and relax a little, thinking that you’ll get back to the job search in September?

Yes, you may well be only partly focused on your career if you’re making mental shopping lists for your two weeks away in the sun. Yes, it’s easy to drift into ‘mañana’ mode and put off polishing your CV to send out to recruitment agencies. But it’s a month or so wasted – and the potential to miss some golden opportunities.

Business does not stop – and nor does recruitment

It would be very unwise to assume that prospective employers put their feet up and simply coast along during the summer. They still have targets to reach, new markets to penetrate, business contracts to negotiate and seal. If you’re serious about finding a new job, the best advice is to never ease up – you just don’t know when the job of your dreams will come along.

And, rather like Christmas and the New Year, summer can be a catalyst for change. A holiday often gives people the opportunity to take stock of what they’re doing with their life – resignations follow suit and so the recruitment process starts in earnest. So employers are still recruiting and there is always a need for good quality candidates – and you should be one of them!

Look at it another way. Lots of people will decide to suspend their job search over the summer. That means that the pool in which you are competing is smaller, which gives you a distinct advantage – there is much more opportunity for your CV to be noticed and to get through to interview stage. Actively pursuing jobs at this time of year can also send out a very positive message to employers, that you are serious about the desire to advance your career – it could just make you an even more attractive prospect.

Summer can even make employers more receptive!

A slightly more anecdotal – and not scientifically proven! – theory is that everyone is in a much happier mood when the sun is shining. We know of candidates who swear by changing jobs during the summer. People are more relaxed and chatty, so the interview process can be a much more pleasant experience for candidates when the interview panel is in a good mood. In this type of atmosphere there will be much more opportunity for your personality to shine through and the boxes that need to be ticked next to ‘would fit in well within our culture’ and ‘friendly and personable’ will be easily covered. Of course, we can’t guarantee that this is true of all summer interviews, but it has been known.

So go for it! If you were thinking of leaving your job search until September, don’t – someone else may have taken your ideal role by then.

At On Target we always want to hear from quality candidates no matter what the time of year might be, the opportunities in our business sectors are never seasonal – who knows, we may have just been briefed on a job that has your name all over it!

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