How to handle job offers and counter offers

By: Steve Oldroyd

So congratulations, you've had a new job offer. If you are good enough to get a job offer from a new employer, you are good enough to receive an improved offer from your current employer. Employers realise that keeping you is easier and cheaper than having to replace you. So how should you react?

Find out what you're worth!

It's important to do some research before you receive a job offer and especially before you respond to it. You can use a website like Salary Track* to find out comparable salary levels for your role, experience and location.

How should I react to a counter offer?

  • Take a deep breath and consider your options very carefully.
  • Even if you choose to accept the counter offer, the reasons that made you go out and look for a new job in the first place, will not all have been solved overnight.
  • You will probably have to rely purely on trust when it comes to changes being made further down the line.
  • Having accepted a counter offer, you may find that your relationships with your boss, their boss or your colleagues may deteriorate, given that your loyalty may now be in question.
  • You may find that your current employer criticises your potential employer, but with little or no foundation. Watch out for this spoiling tactic.
  • Remember, do take your time to consider a counter offer, and view it objectively. It may seem easier to stay with your current employer, but have they agreed to actually solve the problems that made you start your job search in the first place?

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