Personality Profiling

Why is personality profiling important?

There are three vital questions every employer needs to answer during the interview and selection process:

  1. Does the candidate have the right skills and experience?
  2. Do they have the required enthusiasm and motivation to do the job?
  3. Will they fit in, in terms of their personality, attitude and general working style?
The candidate's personality provides the answers to the second and third questions. In most working environments, it is the personality of staff, their colleagues and managers that affect the overall success and performance of the organisation.

If a team doesn't work well together or a senior manager can’t motivate their staff, then productivity and commercial performance will ultimately suffer.

Personality profiling gives insight of aptitude and desire

On Target uses a personality assessment and profiling tool called Personality Performance Indicator™ to measure candidates 'desire level' and 'aptitude'.

This trusted personality testing and screening tool, gives employers confidence in selecting the right candidate for the role.

Free personality profiling

We are currently offering a FREE personality profile on all candidates who progress to second stage interview through us.

Try it yourself today!

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