Resignation Letter Template

So you have had the new job offer and have accepted it. Now it's time to tell your current employer that you have decided to move on. Most people find this difficult and you may feel nervous – this is normal. It is vital to remain professional and courteous at all times, whatever the circumstances.

How do I resign?

  • The fairest thing for all concerned is to resign as soon as you get the formal written offer.
  • Reply to the written offer in writing immediately you have confirmed with your On Target Recruitment consultant that you have no questions or queries.
  • If you delay your resignation, your employer will only be getting a half-hearted effort from you as you are bound to have your mind on other things.
  • It may seem easier to decline the offer at this stage than to resign and join another employer but will you have solved the issues or problems that perhaps started your job search? It is unlikely, so best to think about what prompted your job search in the first place.
  • If your line manager is on holiday, resign to their line manager, or to the HR Department.
  • If you delay your resignation, you are putting back your start date with your new employer. This may not suit them either and damage your future working relationship.
  • Make it clear that your mind is made up and that you are tendering the required amount of notice. Have a letter of resignation already prepared giving notice that you can hand over during the conversation.
  • If your new employer wants you on board quickly, offer to sacrifice your notice period in order to be released more quickly from your contract. Offer to use your holiday entitlement. Demonstrate how you can complete the vital tasks in the given timescale.
  • If you are moving to a competitor, make this clear to your current employer. You have nothing to hide or be fearful about. But be aware of your contractual obligations.
  • Ask for guidance from your On Target Recruitment Consultant.

If you need further help with handling your resignation, please feel free to contact Darren Wrigley here at On Target for some advice.

Sample resignation letter template

This is an all-purpose sample letter and you will need to adapt to reflect your contractual obligations in terms of notice period, etc.

Download a sample resignation letter (MS Word format)

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